Weekend in Pittsburgh

This past weekend Ryan and I went to Pittsburgh to visit my bestie from college and her hubs. We always have such a great time there, probably because we are usually stuffing our faces with delicious food and drinks with the best company.

Our friends live in the cutest neighborhood in Pittsburgh, called Shadyside. It is super close to downtown and yet it has a really nice neighborhood-y feel to it. The houses there are beautiful and old, many of them look like Victorian era homes. I always love walking around the neighborhood and taking in the scenery.

We arrived around 7:30PM having left directly from work. After an uneventful drive, Sarah and Brandon greeted us with whiskey sours and champagne- talk about a warm welcome! This was especially nice because the temperatures outside maxed out at 4 degrees. After our drink and catching up, we walked to a delicious Italian restaurant called Girasole. I love this place and always want to go when I’m in town.

Pasta at Girasole

We were joined by another good friend and all caught up while enjoying a bottle of Chianti. Perfect first evening in #daBurgh as I like to call it.

The next day, we got coffee at a local coffee place called, “Jitters” (seriously love that name) and drove out to a nearby suburb to visit Sarah’s sister and her new baby boy. I was loving her home decor and snapped a few pics for future home inspo.

Love these drapes- they pop well with the neutral color palette and are so unique!

Also loving the Christmas decor!

A beautiful holiday bouquet:

After our visit with Sarah’s fam and the cute little tots, we headed backdown to an Argentinian BBQ place for lunch, called “Gaucho.” It was amazing. I got a skirt steak sandwich with carmelized onions and grilled red peppers (the only bell peppers that really matter IMO) and a Mexican coke. Ryan and I also split a side of potatoes with roasted garlic that were crispy and delicious.


My delicious sammie:

Yummy potatoes:

After lunch – we headed to a bowling alley in Lawrenceville- another town adjacent to Shadyside. I hadn’t bowled in probably two years, and before that probably not in 5 or 10? Not sure but I somehow got a score of 134! It was really fun and we met up with some other friends of Sarah and Brandon’s while honing our skills. I think I need to look into a league here in Cleveland- preferably one that indulges in White Russians whilst bowling!

We headed back to S&B’s place to relax before dinner. I snapped a couple of more pics around their house just to practice using my camera. Also more #homeinspo.

Love this little bit of green in the doldrums of winter:

Had to document their cute bar set up! Ryan and I have similar napkins and love them.

After relaxing for a bit, we got ready for dinner and headed out for a truly incredible meal at a restaurant called Soba in Shadyside. I didn’t take any pictures- way too dark and just didn’t feel like it 😂. I had a “Khaleesi” cocktail which was amazing- gin, citrus juice and simple syrup with jalapeño- yummy and again, perfect for the freezing temps because winter is definitely here (couldn’t help myself!). Ryan and I split a bunch of food: a delicious California roll with real lump crab meat, a chopped salad with papaya and avocado, veal medallions over grits, and the ‘piece de resistance’- Pad Thai! The Pad Thai was incredible- full of flavor and bursting with shrimp, chicken, veggies… and of course loads of noods. Sarah and Brandon loved their dishes too and the atmosphere at the restaurant was perfect for chatting and enjoying friendly company.

We ate fairly late and were pooped from our busy day so we hit the hay right when we got home. Plus I’m old- so I hit the hay early and often.

On Sunday, we got Jitters coffee (again!) and went to brunch with Sarah’s family and said our goodbyes. Another fun weekend in the books! But the fun wasn’t quite over 😉. Ryan and I stopped at IKEA on the way home, since I have been needing a new dresser to keep all my clothes in (in our guest room).

I took a few snaps whilst walking through the maze that is ikea. I loved this island:

And table- would be so cute with either modern chairs or chairs upholstered in a fun printed fabric. I picture it with a runner and some ceramic vases filled with fresh flowers. It doesn’t look like much but is very similar to a Pottery Barn table that goes for way more and is made from solid wood.

Finally- I got my dresser assembled! It has so much more storage and looks great.

Anyways- it made for a full and fun weekend. I always love visiting my friends and seeing new places.


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