Long weekend

Hi 👋🏻 all!

Hope everyone had a nice (potentially) long weekend!

We enjoyed a relaxing 3-day weekend here in Cleveland with hardly any plans on the calendar (a rarity these days ).

On Friday Ryan and I both worked from home due to an impending ice and snow storm. We got about 6+ inches here in Lakewood, prefaced by a solid sheet of ice.

We took it easy and stayed in watching “Planet Earth,” on Netflix all night. PE came out 10+ years ago but wow, is it amazing (and terrifying at times)! The photographic prowess of the videographers is seriously awe-inspiring and I’ve learned a lot to boot! My favorite part thus far has been watching the elephants and penguins make their journeys across their respective habitats.

Saturday we had our wedding cake design session at Wild Flour Bakery. I was blown away by the store and staff. Our wedding cake coordinator Liz was so friendly, warm and helpful. We basically picked out the aesthetic design in the store, and they sent us home an entire cake to sample. Each piece of the cake was a different flavor and each flavor was amazing.

We also got to try the frostings and OMG- so delicious. We picked out our cake and frosting after trying every single possible combination, multiple times, on Saturday evening.

It was so fun to pick out our wedding cake because it’s one of the less mundane “tasks,” if you will, involved in planning a wedding. Between reserving hotel rooms and figuring out our table linens, the idea of selecting a cake really stands out as a fun thing to do. It also allowed us to be creative and have fun. It’s so important to not get bogged down in the “tasks,” of wedding planning and remember what it’s all about- for me, a life long union with my partner and best friend, celebrated with us by our friends and family. Just typing that makes me so happy!

Also – All of the cakes were so beautiful in the shop!

Gorgeous cake:

More beauties:

A little detail- insane that this is edible!

A classic looking confection below:

I happened to have my camera on my from last weekend and was glad I did because after we designed our wedding cake- we did what all people do- got donuts!

We went to a donut place in Rocky River called, “City Girl Donuts.” I got a glazed donut and cinnamon roll donut and Ryan got an apple fritter and chocolate Long John (whatever that is!). They were aaaaamazing! If you are anywhere near the area I highly recommend!

My glazed beauty:

Donuts for daysss:

I’m drooling 🤤

After our donut excursion we cleaned and relaxed the rest of the day (and had our cake later that evening). We also watched “The Fugitive,” which I hadn’t seen in at least ten years. Still. So. Good.

Sunday was more of the same- I went shopping and got ingredients to make Thai Coconut Curry at Trader Joe’s. It was literally one of the best homemade meals we’ve ever had, ever.

I also picked up some goodies at Sephora. I may or may not do a beauty review in the near future. I’ve been obsessed with good skincare products lately, specifically the Korean skincare regimen (thanks to my sister!).

Later on, my mom came over and we all went for a walk at our usual tried and true location- Lakewood Park. We never would have guessed this when we left, but Lake Erie looked like the most beautiful glacial field I have ever seen since living over here.

The lake was perfectly calm and reflected like a mirror, broken up by giant sheets of ice. It seriously looked like what I imagine Iceland might (I know it’s nothing actually like Iceland but a girl can dream!). We even saw a piece of ice break off, creating a tiny ripple in the otherwise glass like surface. Some pics are below, but it was honestly hard to capture on camera. The colors of the sky grew warmer as the sun sank lower in the sky, reflecting warm and gold in the icy water. It was truly something to behold in person.

Lake Erie.

#2 #3 #4 #5 I have 70+ pics from our walk because I was in such awe. Incredible and definitely solidifies my desire to go to Iceland or Greenland or somewhere remote. It was beautiful and incredibly peaceful- probably because it was in the 13 degree range!

Monday was filled with more relaxing and eating (it’s a lifestyle 😂).

Avo toast:

I also recently finished a book, called, “Little Fires Everywhere.” It was really good and I’ll do a book review (no spoilers) soon.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! Stay warm.


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