Weekend in NYC

Hi friends!

Hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to write a quick little post about a weekend trip Ryan and I took to visit my sister (Jennie) and her husband (Matt) in NYC- Brooklyn to be exact.

When we arrived in NY around 7 PM, Matt greeted us at their lovely apartment (Jennie was at a class in Manhattan) and we chatted and caught up for a bit.

Soon after we headed out and took the subway to Koreatown (located around midtown Manhattan). For all the times I’ve been to NYC I had never gone to K-town and it was a really cool experience. Two long city blocks filled with Korean restaurants, bars, and shops. We ate at a place called Kinjan (I think) and had delicious piping hot bowls of thinly sliced beef, rice, and vegetables. Topped with a load of sesame oil and chili paste, it made for a great and warming welcome to New York.

Jennie met us at dinner and from there we headed to a nearby bar. The bar was Japanese and had amazing looking food and drink. Ryan and I opted for sake and ice cream (weirdest order ever now that I think about it) but it did not disappoint! We stayed out til about midnight and got home at 1am- a long day and time for bed!

The next morning we got breakfast at a cute café on the way to the subway and headed to Battery Park to explore. I had only been to this area once and it was cold and blustery (right near the waterfront at the tip of southern Manhattan and very close to Wall Street). We walked around a lot and found some really cute old streets. I loved the juxtaposition of old and new here- it’s evident throughout all of NYC but especially on these streets.

Jennie and Matt walking on Stone Street:

Another pic of Stone Street (which kind of reminds me of Diagon Alley)

We also wandered to another cute little area:

I love this museum exterior (pictured above). It was cool to see a lot of places we hadn’t been before on this trip.

From Battery Park- we walked to nearby Chinatown for dim sum at Nom Wah Tea Parlor. Can you tell a lot of our trips revolve around food?? That’s a rhetorical question… Dim sum might be one of my favorite kind of meals – or maybe it’s because we went to an excellent restaurant.

Nom Wah is the oldest Tea Parlor in Manhattan- it opened in 1920 on Doyers Street. The street is also known as the “bloody angle,” stemming from the sharp angle the street makes, and the gangs who fought here in decades past.

Doyers Street (note the angle- kind of hard to see from this shot but the curvature is still visible!):

We also happened to go to Chinatown right at the start of the lunar new year- so there were lively crowds, noisemakers and firecrackers!

Store front on Doyers Street:

Another pic with confetti!:

Classic shot of china town street:

Okay- back to the dim sum! For those reading who are not familiar with dim sum- here’s the deal:

During the times of the Silk Road, teahouses opened to accommodate weary travellers. Also, farmers, exhausted after long hours in the fields, would head to the local teahouse for an afternoon of tea and conversation to unwind. Over the course of several centuries, the culinary art of dim sum would develop.

The above quote comes from Nom Wah’s website and I think it’s an interesting bit of history!

We ordered a ton of food and it was all so amazing. I especially loved the pork dumplings, green onion pancakes, and cilantro rice pancakes. The jasmine tea was the perfect accompaniment to stuffing our faces.

The cutest window sign!

Eeeeeats !

Also, how cute are the china dishes at this place?

After our meal we walked around a little bit more.

More old and new being mixed ^ . Love it.

After a bit more exploring, we went back to Brooklyn and just hung out for the rest of the evening. We watched some curling (2018 winter Olympic Games were happening!) and ordered pizza (which I was too full to even eat- probably a lifetime first). I honestly had (and have) zero interest in curling but I have to say – wow – it gives you an appreciation for athletes of any sport. It was really fun to watch and actually see the different teams interacting.

The next morning we geared up for another fun day. We had plans to meet my friend from Columbus for brunch at Russ & Daughters Café at 1PM so we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge (one of my favorite things to do!) and soaked up the warm sunshine. The views from the bridge are incredible – you can see everything from 1 World Trade to the Chrysler building (another personal favorite!).

Here are a few snaps from the bridge:

I love how the sky goes from super saturated on the left to a lighter color on the right. Don’t mind the ugly Verizon Tower 😦

I loved this sign below- especially because we ended up getting lox later!

Love the warm light in this one- we had such a beautiful day and weekend for this trip!

Ryan, Matt and Jen

What 99% of our pictures look like:

Anddd a normal one 🙂

After we walked the bridge we made our way to brunch.

Beautiful buildings on our walk:

Almost forgot this hilarious pic of Ryan:

The wait for brunch at Russ & Daughters was an hour and a half so we went to a nearby bar and had a couple of Guinness’s. It was so great to catch up with Jillian and her husband Clark- always such a fun friend to see.

Obligatory brunch pic :

Post brunch photo opp:

After brunch we stopped for Black & White cookies (amazing NYC treat) aaaaand then stopped again for donuts from Donut Plant. They were ah-maz-ing. Finally, we could eat no more- we said our goodbyes to Jillian and Clark and headed back to Brooklyn for more relaxing. The sheer volume of food we ate did not lend itself to being very active at night haha.

Monday (our last day) was also super fun. Matt had to work so we got coffee and pastries and parted ways. Jennie took us to an incredible exhibit at the Met displaying a vast collection of works by David Hockney- a British pop artist. This collection was incredibly well curated and so informative.

Maybe the most relaxing piece of art I’ve laid eyes upon- seriously keep coming back to this pic!

Thanks Matt and Jen for suggesting the exhibit!

After the Met we walked around Central Park and got some great tourist shots.

Gotta love portrait mode 🙂

I love this candid ryan snapped of me! (Below)

The Plaza! Ryan and I stayed here the first time we ever came here together and it’s such a historic beautiful place. I’ll never forget our weekend here and it was great to revisit on our walk 🙂

After Central Park we did some shopping and ended the trip with a stop at Shake Shack*drools on iphone.* I am actually soooo glad there’s not one near me because it would be way too dangerous. So good.

Tasty burgers and shakes were a great way to end another amazing trip. So happy Matt and Jen could host us and double as tour guides too.

Have you guys been to New York?

What are some of your favorite things to do?

Comment below!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend.

Xx Molly

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