Crate&Barrel Lounge II Sofa Review & Buying Guide

Hi guys! After a very long hiatus I am back! For anyone new to my blog – welcome! The past year has been a whirlwind for a few reasons:

1. I got married!!! Yes, my wonderful now- husband Ryan and I tied the knot in May, here in Cleveland. It was wonderful and amazing and just truly the best day.

2. We bought a house!!! Also in Cleveland.

3. I got a new job!

4. Ryan got a new job!

5. We ran our first (and possibly my last) half marathon!

Anyways, those are the big things, I will hopefully do some catch up blog posts on these topics, but I wanted to start off with something a little… easier…. drum roll-

A product review! I am reviewing the couch Ryan and I bought for our new house. I felt there was a lack of available reviews when we were looking, so hopefully I can help everyone out! I did a ton of research, looking everywhere from Ashley Furniture to Restoration Hardware to Wayfair to Ikea and in between. I also read what little information I could find on couch quality and construction.

I looked at dozens of different couches, and we finally decided on the Lounge II sectional from Crate&Barrel – linked below.

Crate&Barrel Lounge II 2 Piece Sectional Sofa

As you can see in the above pic, it is VERY spacious and also very deep. There’s Ryan lounging away (hence the namesake I suppose!).

The fabric we selected was a stock fabric, called Cement. It’s a neutral cream color with both cool and warm tones built into the weave. As you can see it has a slightly nubby texture and is not a solid color. This is ideal for hiding stains or imperfections.

The fabric is soft and comfortable and seems very durable as well.

This shows the depth of the couch (and suggests Ryan should have a career in catalogue modeling!). If you are looking for something that is more shallow, this may not be the couch for you.

We bought the matching ottoman pictured above. It pops open for easy storage and we love it! Also, I hate that ceiling fan staring me in the face 😂.

Pros (there are a lot):

  1. Super comfortable and deep cushions.
  2. More than enough space for two adults to lie down on and completely stretch out.
  3. Although it is super spacious, it doesn’t feel “heavy” because it has nice crisp lines and isn’t overstuffed.
  4. Hides imperfections or stains well because of its textured fabric.
  5. Comes with four matching pillows (if you’re into that, I actually want to add some colorful throw pillows but haven’t gotten around to it).
  6. Price point. This model retails for $2998.00 (which is a sh*tload), BUT for a high quality and large couch, this price is actually (and sadly) towards the more affordable end. Side note: as I write this, it’s marked down $500.00. If you can find a 15% off coupon that would bring it down another $500! Unlike many other stores Crate&Barrel honors coupons on their stock furniture. We combined coupons for ours and saved at least $1,000!
  7. The style definitely leans modern, but modern gal I am not. It works though because it truly goes with any kind of furniture! It doesn’t feel out of place with our other more traditional (or dated 🤣) items.
  8. Quality. This couch literally looks exactly the same as the day it was delivered seven months ago. No wear and tear, no pilling of fabric, no seams coming loose, no cushions caving in, no butt marks whatsoever! The cushions are a foam core wrapped in down cushioning and sturdy.
  9. The couch cushions stay in place. You don’t have to constantly reposition them or fluff them! They just stay, as is. I have maybe readjusted them once or twice.
  10. It’s perfect for lounging. You can easily curl up with some popcorn or red wine (yes we drink it on this couch, just testing our luck I think) and have plenty of room for pillows, blankets, or shifting to a more spread out position.


  1. The price point! Okay, I know this was in the pros, but it can also be a con as well. There are some couches out there that you will find at a better price point (but I really don’t know about better quality!). Personally I think Ikea has some great options, including their Ektorp line (which has a more traditional/overstuffed look). The reviews I read of Ashley furniture and other “discount” furniture stores were *not* glowing- reviews noted how fabric started to fray and fall apart after a few months.
  2. Depth. For some with a narrower space, make sure you look at the measurements. You definitely sink into this couch. If you’re looking for something more formal, I might look at a few other styles as well.

Those are my only two cons!

I am so incredibly picky about furniture and this couch has exceeded my expectations. We have another couch from Crate&Barrel that we love as well and have had that one for nearly 5 years. Picture is below- it’s the Montgomery sofa. I love this whole room honestly- those lamps are so beautiful 😍.

My recommendation is to definitely consider this couch, or Crate&Barrel in general, if you are looking for a high quality and long lasting couch. We absolutely love our Lounge II and think it’s money very well spent. Also, their customer service is excellent and the staff are super friendly. The associate who helped us pick out our couch even called us a month later to ask how it was working out for us!

Other options:

Lower Price Point:

  1. IKEA– I have a chair from the Ektorp line and it’s been going strong for 6 years. It’s not quite as comfortable as Crate&Barrel but it clearly lasts. Also, for the whole Ektorp line you can buy different slip covers for a really reasonable refresh at any given time! I also love their Stocksund line which looks almost identical to the other couch we have from Crate&Barrel. Their Farlov and Kivik lines also look really high end and nice to me. I would highly recommend IKEA for a number of furniture products.
  2. Wayfair– You can custom design your own couch on Wayfair. The price point starts under 1,000 but then can creep up a little bit. Lots of positive reviews, but we really wanted to see our couch in person before buying. If that doesn’t matter to you, check this site out! I even ordered fabric samples all of which were beautiful.
  3. I’ve heard great things about Article, and they actually have reviews on their website. Their items trend a little bit more modern but definitely a stylish and affordable option.
  4. Macy’s– They actually have a very good selection of different styles at a great price point. I would recommend reading reviews for the sofa you’re interested in. You can find small sectionals starting at $1200-1500 here.
  5. Not really a store, but if you know any realtors, they often have to stage houses to sell them. They usually get rid of a lot of furniture during certain times of the year and you can get a cheap and amazing couch this way!

If you’re ready to drop some serious dollars 🤣 check out these other options:

  1. Restoration Hardware– Amazing quality and so comfortable. Ryan and I sat on a few of these in their showroom and they did not disappoint. Expect to pay about $6,000-7,000 (starting) for a smaller sectional here. The Cloud line is incredible. Also totally worth it to invest in the RH membership program because it saves you 25% on any purchase for $100/ year.
  2. Serena and Lilly– I love their furniture but no reviews and no showroom in Cleveland makes it difficult to drop thousands of dollars. Their basic non sectional couches start at around $5,000. Also, they just started making furniture recently so may be good to see what’s tried and true in a few more years.
  3. Interior Define– This is another newer company but Ryan’s parents have a beautiful velvet loveseat from here and we love it. These *start* at $2,200 and go from there (actually a more “moderate” price point but can quickly go above $3,000). You can custom design your color and style which is cool!
  4. Arhaus– a classic! Their small sectionals start at around $3,700. This is one of the most respected and long lasting furniture brands in the States. I know several people who have sofas from Arhaus and say they are well worth the investment.
  5. Ethan Allen– another classic. Small sectionals start at $5,500.00 here. I don’t know much about their furniture, but I do see it for resale and in vintage stores, indicating that it is (or at least was) built to last.

Other places to check out: West Elm, CB2, Lulu & Georgia, AllModern (online), Bloomingdales, local furniture stores and interior design studios.

Hopefully this helps anyone in the market for a new couch. It really is a big purchase, and no matter what you spend, an important one! If you’re anything like me, you’re on your couch A LOT… maybe a little too much. In my opinion, the comfort factor, durability, and price point are the biggest factors to think about. You can get a couch for $800, or $8,000 which makes it all the more difficult to choose. Use this as a guide and go from there!

I also recommend going in person to look and test out sofas. This is one of the few things that is truly worth in person shopping it for me.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

14 thoughts on “Crate&Barrel Lounge II Sofa Review & Buying Guide

  1. Jackie says:

    Thanks for the review! We are looking at the same couch in petite version so it is a little less deep. I have a question about the color. I really want a light couch, but concerned about dark jeans bleeding/staining. Have you had any problems with dark jean color staining onto the fabric?


  2. Rebecca says:

    This review is so helpful. I’m about to purchase this sectional in leather. Which ottoman is this and how do you like the ottoman? There are so many to choose from!


    • Onhillbrooklane says:

      Hi there! Sorry for the delay. This is matching ottoman – lounge II ottoman with storage. We love it! It has a huge amount of storage space and is on rollers so we can roll it around for extra seating. Hopefully this helps.


      • Onhillbrooklane says:

        Hey there! Honestly we bought it in store and the salesperson just wheeled over the matching ottoman, I had no idea there were multiple sizes available. Ours is about four feet long by 2 feet wide – fairly standard ottoman size !


  3. Melissa Campanale says:

    Was your couch comfy from the get-go, or did it take a little while to wear in and soften up? I just received mine today (same fabric as yours) and am not finding it to be very comfortable. I’m wondering if it’s overstuffed.


    • Onhillbrooklane says:

      Hi Melissa – yes our couch is very comfortable but it is overstuffed so it’s not that sink in down feeling of some other ones. We have had it 2+ years and it’s still in good shape. I will say since we are working from home and spending more time on it, after several hours (4+), I do need to adjust myself somewhat. I probably have never spent this much time on a couch! Crate and Barrel’s customer service are really spectacular if you have any issues.


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