Saint Laurent Copy Cat Sandals

Happy Sunday friends! I wanted to hop on here quickly and just post about a little sandal steal/ dupe I found.

I posted the below photo on my Instagram, asking if you could tell which pair was more. Well……the big reveal is below!! Did you guess right?

The pair on the left are Saint Laurent and retail for $595.00. The pair on the right are Zara and retail for $45.00. They both look so similar and are both so classic looking! Honestly I can’t fathom spending $595 on sandals that I would probably wear out in a year or two, but if that’s more your speed, more power to ya! I linked both below.

Saint Laurent Woven Leather Slide

Zara Leather Crossover Sandals

Review of the Zara leather sandals:

I purchased the leather Zara sandals in Brown (they also come in several other beautiful colors, I love the yellow or red) in size 9 & 10- I never know what size to get since they don’t carry half sizes. I am going to stick with the size 9- they fit well and leather has a tendency to stretch, as do sandals of this style. I do have narrower feet, so I’d recommend trying on both pairs if you’re in between shoe sizes.

They are simple, beautiful and exactly as pictured. I also like how they’re plain. I know that may not sound very *trendy* and they might not even look very trendy but that is a bonus to me. They are timeless looking! They also feel very comfortable and I have read a few other reviews that echo this sentiment. I haven’t walked around in them much because… February. But they felt great as I tried them on. Definitely happy with my purchase and keeping them! It’s hard to find leather sandals at a good price point, so for me, the Zara pair are a good deal.

If you’re in the market for a classic leather sandal for spring or summer, I would recommend checking out either of these pairs. Okay, let’s face it, I can’t “recommend” spending $600 on a pair of skimpy sandals, but, I always want to provide options 😂. Both are beautiful and classic in my opinion, regardless of the brand. Let me know if you have any questions or other good dupes in the comments below.

Also, I realize this is not a photography blog post, but it’s something I thought was worth sharing. I don’t have a specific blog identity (lol is that a thing?) so I’m just going to keep posting what I think could be useful to all three of my regular readers 😂. Enjoy!

Have a great long weekend everyone.


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