Healthy-ish Snack: Siggi’s + Pistachios

Hi all- I hope you’re all staying warm! It has snowed about 18 inches here in the last few days and we relaxed inside pretty much all weekend long. The four degree temps this morning it all the harder to head back into work, but we made it!

I wanted to share a snack idea that Ryan came up with. We have had this several times and it makes for a filling, yummy snack or healthy dessert option.

It couldn’t be easier- here’s what you’ll need:

  • Siggi’s 4% Milkfat Vanilla Greek yogurt (or their lower fat vanilla)
  • Dash of Cinnamon
  • 2 tsps Honey
  • Handful of pistachios

That’s it.

Grab a handful of pistachios (and remove the shells, hopefully that’s obvious!). Use a rolling pin (or a Nalgene water bottle like me 🤣) to crush them in a plastic sandwich baggie. Then sprinkle them on top of the Siggi’s yogurt. Top with honey (I used raw honey but any kind will do!) and cinnamon. We always have Penzey’s Vietnamese Cinnamon on hand and it is sooo yummy and flavorful.

You can order some using this link:

Penzey’s Vietnamese Cinnamon

There you have it! A satisfying snack that will fill you up and tastes delicious in just a couple of minutes.

As a sidebar/ unsolicited plug for Siggi’s vanilla yogurt (and all of their yogurt in general): it is amazing! This particular yogurt has just six ingredients in it, 12 g of protein, and 8 grams of sugar. I will say, this yogurt is more expensive than other brands. This is because you are actually getting much more food when you buy this type of yogurt vs a Yoplait or Chobani (which have water or other oddities added to them to make them thicker).

I had been eating Chobani Greek yogurt but it had 15 g of sugar per serving (although fewer calories). My doctor recommended staying under 30 g of sugar per day- hence why I mention this. Yoplait often has even more sugar than Chobani, or more additives.

A lot times, if a yogurt (or food) is low in fat or calories, additives are used to make it taste more sugary or make it thicker. Even low sugar foods can be supplemented with fake crap, so I think your best bet is reading the ingredients. Sometimes getting something with a little more fat is actually healthier overall and can be more filling.

I also honestly prefer the taste of Siggi’s to Chobani blended yogurts. It’s definitely less sweet but I like that (or have gotten used to it 😂). We love the Siggi’s Coconut and Mixed Berries flavors as well. They also make lower fat versions with no additives as well.

Fage yogurt is another healthy and delicious option but I prefer the taste of Siggi’s overall.

Anyways- try this “recipe” out and let me know what you think! If you’re not a fan of pistachios you can substitute a tablespoon of natural peanut butter or chia seeds. The options are endless. Mix it all together and enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Healthy-ish Snack: Siggi’s + Pistachios

  1. kindledbysparks says:

    Might have to add that to the list! Another good one (we use Fage because it comes in a big tub): plain unsweetened full-fat greek yogurt, grated orange zest, sesame seeds, honey – it’s really tasty!


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