Splurge or Save? Black Swim Suit

Hi all! Almost Friday and almost a *long* weekend!

I wanted to share another Splurge vs. Save with everyone 😀.

It’s the classic black, scalloped two piece swimsuit.

Here is option 1:

And here is option 2:

Both options are classic, timeless, and flattering. Can you tell which is the designer version vs. the bargain?

Option 1: Save: This swimsuit is from Mango. The top is $39.99, linked here and the bottoms are $29.00, linked here. I was able to find them during a sale and purchase for an additional 30% off!

I received the Mango suit and the quality and fit are both superb. The material is textured (veryyyy similar to material on the below splurge) and the bottoms are so flattering and comfortable.

Option 2: Splurge: The second image is the Marysia Swim version. Both the top and bottom retail for $150.00 *each.* How? Why?! 🤣 The top is linked here and the bottoms are linked here.

I have tried on the Marysia version in stores. It is VERY similar to the point where I am not able to tell the difference between the two suits after having tried them both on. If you’ve been lusting after a Marysia suit (it is such a classic look!) but can’t fathom spending $300+, I would definitely recommend the Mango version, which came to $49 with the discount code.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t recommend J. Crew for some great swim options. Their swimsuits are always great quality and they have both trendy and classic styles. I just got a swimsuit this past month on sale for $14.00. Yes you read that right, a two piece suit for $14.00, total. It’s now sold out but check out their website for some other great options. Their sale prices are often in line with prices you would find at Target.

This classic one piece is only $29 (with 40% off code)

J. Crew Classic One Piece

Liberty Print One Piece Beauty

How gorgeous is this print below? This color would be flattering on so many different skin types.

This classic striped suit will never go out of style. You could wear it with jean shorts as well for a cute after pool/beach look. It’s about $35 with the discount code!

It also comes in Navy.

Hope you enjoyed this splurge or save post!

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