Weekend in Washington, D.C.

Hey everyone –

It’s been a while since my last post. I just haven’t really felt the motivation to blog much since it kind of seems like my life revolves around work and doing dishes at this point. The dishes… I just cannot deal with the endless pile of dishes! I am really not trying to complain, but I just don’t have that exciting *content* to share right now. So, while I do feel like a blob (#jabbathehuttvibes) a lot of days, today, I am sharing a post from the archives I meant to write about months ago.

Back in November of last year (2019, lest we start forgetting the years soon), I went to DC to visit some wonderful friends (and humans in general) from high school. It was such a fun reunion weekend. I hadn’t seen both friends together in probably ten years, but it felt like no time had passed at all! Nellie (who has lived in DC for years now) and her adorable family graciously hosted Laura and I at her stunning Capitol Hill home, which was the perfect location for exploring. We walked along the mall, went to a birthday party, ate delicious food, visited an amazing museum (the Hirshhorn), and strolled the charming cobblestone streets of Georgetown, all in a few days. Most importantly, we were able to relax and connect with each other after years apart.

I’ve been feeling nostalgic for human interaction, weekend getaways, and sharing tapas with friends, so this post will have to tide me over until that day is possible again.

If you are in the Cleveland area, and have a free weekend, I highly recommend visiting DC (post pandemic). I have been there half a dozen times and it never disappoints. It’s an easy drive and has so many amazing highlights I won’t begin to list them here. Since all of us had been to DC several times, we had no agenda which was awesome and made for a stress free and relaxing weekend.

Laura in the middle and Nellie on the right- they are the best!
Beautiful fall foliage!
We had perfect weather and even enjoyed brunch outside in the sunshine (in Mid November).
The cutest, tiniest house I have ever seen.
Said brunch outside! I’ll take it 🙂
Walking around Capitol Hill.
This is a favorite- not perfect, but I love the trees and the little water spot- it was cloudy and some water dripped from the tree branch onto my lens.
Beautiful townhomes in Georgetown.
Visiting the Hirshhorn Museum. Amazing exhibit by Pat Steir that spanned the entire (circular) floor. Their largest installation to date!
We also saw a Marcel Duchamp exhibit while we were there. Both were amazing.
Capitol Building at night.
Doorways in Georgetown dressed up for fall!
This pic is from 2017 when I was last in DC for a wedding. I got see Nellie then but it was so fun to see my two best friends from high school together for a whole weekend!

That about sums up an amazing trip! Nellie, Laura and I are already talking about our next get together, whenever that may be! At least we have virtual hang outs for now. Back to #jabbathehut life for the rest of the evening/ year. Side note, Ryan and I have decided to watch the entire Star Wars series on Disney+, hence why Jabba is top of mind. If anyone has any other TV or movie recommendations, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Hope everyone is staying healthy and sane!

Photo credit: Starwars.com

5 thoughts on “Weekend in Washington, D.C.

  1. Aunt Jeannie says:

    Everything in this post makes me want to visit! I love your photos. They are always pretty amazing. So funny, I have been watching Star Wars too. Just finished Movie VI. 🙂


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